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Dave contacted me in 2018 requesting we take a look at revamping his business, upgrading the website and making it more visible on the web.

Show off professionalism & equiptment

Use the website as a way to showcase his professional machinery, workmen and clientele.

Regularly upload images and content

The ability to add images and content to the website

Logo Redesign

Create a new clean and modern logo to be used throughout the business



Categorised Gallery

Before & After Sliders

Categorised Gallery

New Colour Scheme

Clean & Modern Logo

GDPR Compliant

SSL Secure Site

Colour Scheme

Using the colours of Dave's trucks and 'construction yellow' we put together the colour scheme below to use on all digital materials.

Violet Blue


Harvest Gold

Eerie Black

Eerie Black

Website Development

Published in 2020 the website has undergone an upgrade from the original un-responsive site, meaning people on mobile, tablet and desktop now get a fast and consistent experience from the website - key to accessing all potential customers.
A key aim of the upgraded site was to make Dave Allmark Surfacing come across as large well established professional company, not a small, potentially unreliable company.

Portfolio Blog

One of the key points of the website for Dave was to be able to get previous work up on the site in a clear and consistent way for potential customers to view easily. I worked with Dave to setup a method of submitting images and project details to me in a structured manner for me to then upload into the portfolio on the site.
The portfolio is managed by Purple Whale Design as part of the monthly website management package.

Social Media Upgrade

Another area that we looked at was social media, specifically Facebook. We looked at the reach, type of content and how regular the posts were being uploaded.

We put together a plan of action to revamp and upgrade the Facebook page with new graphics, buttons, automatic question replies and FAQ replies - cutting down the amount of time that is needed for answering messages for Dave's team.

The action plan included advice on posting regular graphical posts, images, and customer feedback onto the Facebook page on a bi-weekly basis.

Logo Design

As part of the revamp Purple Whale designed a new modern logo for Dave Allmark Surfacing to use throughout their business.
Designed in both vertical and horizontal use, see them below.

A small agency with great skills 📈

Whale you say?

Purple Whale Design is a multidisciplinary design company with a focus on branding, design and web development.

Having worked with local and international businesses to revamp and develop their brands I have been able to gather a wealth of skills and experience along with a great network to allow me to get your goals achieved.

I use robust and scalable tools to make sure your content works over many devices and in many different browsers without issue.

I provide off-hosting cloud backup so you know your content is always safe.

I will work with you to make sure you reach your digital goals, and if needed help you in planning out any future goals you may have.

All this without breaking the bank! – I offer 3 set price packages which are explained in more detail below.

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