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David contacted me in Autumn 2020 needing to get his recent charity venture up on the web to allow for a better understanding of the research being undertaken and potential for improving funding acceptance.

Show research

Use the website as a way to showcase David's professional knowledge and the research being undertaken

Contact us form

Ability for people to be able to make contact with the trustees

File Access System

Some of the research data needed to only be accessible by email addresses ending with certain suffixes.


Quick and Clean Website

Contact Trustees Form

File Access System

About Trustees Section

New Colour Scheme

Clean & Modern Logo

GDPR Compliant

SSL Secure Site

Colour Scheme

Using the logo David provided for me I was able to produce a few other colours that complimented the original Sky Blue and Saffron colour schemes. These are used throughout the website.

Sky Blue



Teal Blue

French Violet

Website Development

Published in 2020 the website has been optimised and setup for quick and easy access for people all over the world who would like to look at the research David and Brightwater are doing.
A key aim of the upgraded site was to allow for charity funding to be easier to gain, with a website making the charity look more professional and more genuine than a charity without a website.

File Access System

As part of the research David was conducting some research papers needed to be available on the website to people with a student or a government email address. This would allow the papers to be downloaded once the user had verified their email address.

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