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Suzanne contacted me in 2018 wanting to upgrade her website which was based off Adobe Flash player and therefore being phased out of all major web browsers.

Launch new sleek and modern website

Show off the recruitment business as well as new software that is being developed

Logo Redesign

Create a new clean and modern logo to be used throughout the business


Animated Header Banner

Clear and Easy to Use Website

Responsive Design

Director Login

New Colour Scheme

Clean & Modern Logo

GDPR Compliant

SSL Secure Site

Colour Scheme

Using the colours of some of Suzanne's documentation and office material the below colour scheme was chosen. This is used throughout the website to provide a familiar theme for users.

Amaranth M P

Metallic Seaweed


Light Cyan

Lavender Blush

Website Development

Published in 2019, Campbell Birch International now has a much more modern, sleek and professional looking website. This now serves as a central location for them to send prospective clients to and allows them to have more of a digital presence than in previous years. The website is now fully responsive and so mobile, tablet and desktop devices now get a fast and consistent experience from the website - key to accessing all potential customers.

Director Login

One of the features of this website was the ability to log into the site and manage contacts, information requests and any pending queries.
This was achieved using the WordPress Content Management System.
This allows the directors to log in and view any pending GDPR requests, and any contact form entries that might have been missed by email.

Logo Design

As part of the revamp Purple Whale designed a new modern logo for Campbell Birch International to use throughout their business.
Designed for both vertical and horizontal use, see them below.

A small agency with great skills 📈

Whale you say?

Purple Whale Design is a multidisciplinary design company with a focus on branding, design and web development.

Having worked with local and international businesses to revamp and develop their brands I have been able to gather a wealth of skills and experience along with a great network to allow me to get your goals achieved.

I use robust and scalable tools to make sure your content works over many devices and in many different browsers without issue.

I provide off-hosting cloud backup so you know your content is always safe.

I will work with you to make sure you reach your digital goals, and if needed help you in planning out any future goals you may have.

All this without breaking the bank! – I offer 3 set price packages which are explained in more detail below.

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