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A little more about me...

Hi, I'm Tom! I'm a freelance website designer and the face behind Purple Whale Design.

I have been working with websites for over 10 years, having started on Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. I have worked through the times that is now dominated by WordPress and the other big Content Management Systems.

I founded Purple Whale in 2018 as a small (but effective) website design agency to show people that bringing their business further into the digital age doesn't have to be a painful or costly experience.

Since then I have been working hard to grow my client base and build up a portfolio of work to show off what I can do. Some of my portfolio items are from before Purple Whale Design was founded to show how several years of hard work and experience has improved how my websites look, perform and feel.

I am driven by creating results. Results from beautiful designs, new techniques, good craftsmanship and lots of insight into your business - along with plenty of dedication.

All at a price where anyone can join in! 💸

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Facts about me...

5 year career in IT

Live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

Started my first website at 8

Love a good storm!

Favourite Animal is a Moose

Little bit of a perfectionist

Love to build websites (of course)